Spotify Premium Code Generator

Spotify premium code generator

Spotify Premium Code Generator is a brand new software created by our programmers that have studied music and computer science for the past 10 years. This program was designed for all users and all operating systems. In the newest version (version 2.6) it currently is able to work on windows, Mac OS and Linux. Our Spotify premium code generator app is also available for android and iPhones. The main purpose of this program is to give you 1/3/6/12 month unique codes for your Spotify so you can enjoy premium music for absolutely free.


This program has been coded thoroughly with care and uses highly comlex formula to come up with the latest unique spotify premium codes for you to use so you can enjoy music without paying or advertising all for free. Each user will have a unique code and nobody else can use it. We recommend you follow the easy guide below to understand how the Spotify premium code generator works.

How to use the Spotify premium code generator

To use this Spotify premium code generator you need to have Spotify installed . Once you do you must sign up to a free account and verify your account via youremail. After doing so you will be presented with a ‘upgrade to premium’ advertisement. Click on it and then open up our Spotify premium code generator and select either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months (we HIGHLY recommend you use either 12 months or 6 months) this is becuase Spotify always changes their algorithm for their premium codes so you should be safe having a long term premium account.

Once you get your code simply copy and paste it into the part of Spotify where it says “your premium code” and paste it their. Remember you can only use your code once, so don’t  try to use it with your friends spotify account, this will end up getting both your, and your friends account banned for life so take care.

You should be notified by email that should be titles “Thank you for purchasing premium Spotify”. Open it up and confirm the link again and now you should have premium Spotify so you can enjoy music without any adverts or annoying pop-ups.

If you are having troubles with this Spotify Premium Code generator. We suggest you try the classic gift card codes